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Post Surgery Care

Day 1

  • Don't worry about the pain, it is mild which is bound to happen.
  • Take proper medicines as per prescription. Take proper milk/food prior taking the medicines. Please don't take medicines empty stomach
  • Be relaxed; watch movies/listen music to divert your mind from pain. Please avoid excretion/stress/jerky moments to your head.
  • Have proper sleep and use soft pillow while sleeping.
  • If pain doesn't stop, repeat the pain killers as advised by the doctors.

Day 2

  • Get the bandages removed from doctors with the prior appointment or as mentioned in doctor's instructions.
  • Take bath excluding head.
  • Clean your grafts after removal of bandage as per detailed instructions by the hair transplant surgeons, as moisture is necessary for grafts.
Post Surgery Care

Week 1

Don't comb/rub your grafts.

Post Surgery Care

Week 2

Mild rubbing is permissible. You can use minoxidil lotion or other lotions as per the instruction by the doctor. Grafts starts falling at this time, but nothing to worry as it will start growing again within 3-4 months.

General Instructions

Post Surgery Care

About Donor Area – Donor area must also be taken proper care by cleaning with sprays and apply ointment as per doctor's instruction. This needs to be taken care by cleaning and spray as well as it's done for the new graft area. The stitches will gently get loosened/removed in 7-10 days and fall apart.

Post Surgery Care

Exercise - Take a walk/mild jogging for at least 2 weeks but don't do any exercise that can stretch your neck.

Post Surgery Care

Post Operative Swelling - This can be possible but nothing to worry about. This could be visible towards the fore head and can be upto 4-5 days. You are advisable to apply ice cubes by putting them in a piece of cloth.

Our hair transplant doctors and their staff are available always there for follow up discussions, if any. DO REMEMBER to take the contact details of your doctor before you leaving the clinic.

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