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Normal Hair Cycle

There are approximately Lacs of hair follicles on your scalp. The constant hair growth pace is half inch a month and typically a person sheds between 50 - 100 hairs every day, as part of the natural hair growth cycle. Hair Growth depends upon multiple factors like age, sickness, genes, hormonal changes and effects. Also every person has different kind of hair like some have thick hair or think hair, some have curly hair and these factors also effect the hair growth cycle.

Our hair is attached to scalp at the base of the follicle by the hair root. This is the area where hair growth takes place and are continuously nourished by blood vessels providing oxygen and nutrients to the cells. If talking about the thickness of hair, it depends upon the size of hair follicle from which it grows. Hair growth cycle follows independent 3 phase cycle as given below.

Hair Growth

The phase is the active hair growth phase where 90% of hair are in active growth at any one time. Here pigment (melanin) is produced in the hair bulb throughout Anagen cycle. This period lasts for approximately 4-5 years.

This is the transition phase of hair growth where follicle shrinks upto 1/6 of its normal length and hair stop growing. Here no pigment is produced which led the follicle stops producing hair. This phase just lasts for very short period of 3-4 weeks.

This is the resting phase where hair has reached to its full extent of growth and the hair falls out. Approximately 14% of the hair is in the resting phase and these are the hair you lose while combing, shampooing, oil massaging. The shedding of hair is normal to hair growth cycle where old hair is replaced with the new. This phase lasts for 2-3 months before the cycle is repeated. At the end of this stage, the hair follicle re-enters the Anagen (= growing) phase

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