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Here are some words from our patients who have gone through successful hair transplant surgery.

I have taken hair transplantation course based on the advise of Jyoti. She is highly professional with respect to her job. When first time I spoke to her regarding transplantation I was not quiet sure whether to actually go for it or not.With her knowledge about not only different aspects, stages and processes of hair transplantation, but also about different methods of hair transplantation, their relative cost-benefit analysis, she successfully removed fears from my mind, and rightly guided me and convinced me in choosing the best way to go for it.

The best thing about her assistance that I liked is that she helped me broaden my understanding about the pros and cons of different methods of transplantation, that is too without being so intrusive or forcing her judgment on me. This way of helping develop understanding have given to me ample space and freedom to choose among the best options suggested by her.

Finally when we chose the best method of transplantation and decided the clinic, where to go for transplantation, she was very consistent in follow ups, also in establishing coordination between me and the clinic.

Just before the day of transplantation she called me and inquired about my comfort level with regard to next day transplantation.Then she called to the clinic and to give final touch to the entire process. Finally it was the result of continuous engagement with Jyoti and the clinic that I was quiet confident and convinced that they are going to do the best possible job.

Transplantation was a two day process, she use to call before and after procedure to inquire about my experience and any problem and issue. I was 100% (considering 100 is maximum) satisfied with her professionalism and commitment to her job, and would like to give her maximum possible credit on these aspects of her job and associated responsibilities.

Finally I went to Dr Shakti's clinic at Mumbai, all the staff member were so cordial and friendly. Dr Sumit did the transplantation job for me. Based on my level of comfort and conviction all I can say is that he is the best-in-business. I felt like I am getting treatment at my home. Dr Sumit use to inform me at each stage of the transplantation process like before anesthetization, graft removal, graft transplantation etc and also about possible degree of sensation that it would cause, he is flawless, master of this game.

I would like to thank all the staff members at Hair Harmony and You (HHY), right from receptionist to the supporting staff. They were very professional, sincere and cooperative.

I would like to say thank you to Dr Sumit and all other staff member of HHY and a big thanks to Jyoti for making all this possible. I would also like to convey my best regard for future endeavors.

Hair Transplant Reviews - Manoj

Thank you for responding to my enquiry at NHT in an utterly professional way. You referred me to a very good doctor, Dr Amitabh Srivastava. I was really satisfied with the consultation with him and so I went ahead and got the HT done from him. I appreciate the prompt follow ups by you with me and helping me at every step, right from pre and post do's and dont's till me reaching the clinic every time for consultations.

Keep doing the good work and you would be successful in each and every of your future endeavours.

Hair Transplant Reviews - Amit Jambhulkar

"I appreciate all of your service you performed for me. I am very satisfied with the service I received from Rekha and continue to use your service in future if needed. Keep up the good work."

Hair Transplant Reviews - Pasang Tshering

Dear Yashna(Advisor11) I have done hair implantation as per the schedule and agreed terms. I have got very good services and fantastic hospitality from them. The staff's were very close to me when I was there, and given the proper instruction during the two days.

Especially Dr. Amit Agarkar and Mr. Anil is reserved for special appreciation for their dedication of work. I fully satisfied for the services and this will be advertised here in KSA. We will see the result and update you further.

Thank you very much
Baby Thomas (Case done at Kochi Centre on 7/8 Sep 15)

Hair Transplant Reviews - Baby Thomas

I am mayur shrivastav living ajmer, Rajasthan. First of all thanks for changing my life. I like your services and i am very satisfy also, your staff present ownself very clearly with impressive way of talk and you should be proud becauseyour staff and consultant dept doing good job.

Hair Transplant Reviews - Mayur Shrivastava, Ajmer - Rajasthan

Review - I am quite happy with the result plus the behavior of all the member was very good they talked nicely and took good care of me during my hair surgery. I prefer to every one who is also facing the same problem (baldness) should talk to NHT advisor once.

Hair Transplant Reviews - Manoj Verma, Patna, Bihar

"Amazing", this is the way I would define the way team at Natural Hair Transplant of your queries. I underwent hair transplant through them all the way from Trichy(Tamil Nadu) to Bangalore and it was just as comfortable as feeling at one's home place. The communication was spot on and all went well. Great work!"

Hair Transplant Reviews - Mari Muthu, Trichy

"Loved the way the team at Natural Hair Transplant handled my hair transplant query from the time I submitted the enquiry form. The final procedure too went off well at Pune. Keep it up!"

Hair Transplant Reviews - Vishal Rangle, Thane

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