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General Instructions

Some General instructions to plan your hair transplant.

  • Make sure you have all the details about hair transplant doctors and clinics where you need to reach for hair restoration. For any assistance you can call here : +91-9872633771
  • Some tests such as Blood tests (HB%, RBS, CT, HBsAg, HIV-Elisa, BT, LFT, Australia Antigen and ECG) need to be done 2 days prior to the hair transplant surgery and shared with respective doctors personally or via email.
  • Form of consent must be signed before surgery.
  • If your respective doctor is far from your place, accommodation is need. On your request we can make arrangements with at least 7 days prior notice

Regarding payments:

a) Advance Payment for booking – 10% of final amount agreed for HT must be deposited at least 7 days prior into the given bank account details of your respective doctor. This is typically done to confirm your appointment. Cash payment can also be done, if you are at local place.

b) Final Payment – Final payment can be done to the doctors by the date of surgery. You can opt any of the given payment mode as per your convenience i.e via cheque/cash/credit/Online transfer/debit card. All the payments except cash must be done 5 days prior so that it is cleared by the date of surgery.

  • Appointment Change: For change in appointment, request must be made at least 7 days in advance and change can be done within next 20 days only.
  • Travel to Clinic: It is advisable to reach clinic 2-3 hours in advance in the clinic before surgery. If you are travelling for 8-10 hours, then must reach the location one night before
  • Grafts Count: Re-verification of no. of grafts must be done before the hair transplant procedure to
  • Number of Grafts: Please re-verify the number of grafts before the procedure takes place to avoid any confusion
  • Leave from clinic: This usually depends upon the person, unless felt fine by the individual. There are other alternatives like wearing a cap to hide the grafts.( read more in post surgery instructions).
  • Trimming of hairs before surgery: It is not a necessity to trim the remaining hair but if the patient has long hairs then it is important to cut the hairs short to visualize the exact bald areas where transplant is required to be done.
  • Stitches & Incisions: Due to advanced techniques surgeons use absorbable stitches which dissolve in a period of 10-12 days. Non-absorbable sutures are also used which need to be removed in 7-10 days. It depends upon the person which type of stitches they want to opt and can discuss with the doctor accordingly.
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