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Eyelash Hair Transplant

Eyelash Hair Transplant

Who doesn't wish to have a long and full set of eyelashes? Every women ahs a desire to look beautiful and eye lashes plays a vital role in this. Women do every effort to enhance the length of lashes to make their eyes look bigger and dazzling. Now you can even grow more lashes permanently with an eyelash transplant. So now no need to use fake eyelashes.

Eyelash hair transplantation, also known as eyelash implants is the latest new procedure to treat areas of the eyelid that have no eyelashes due to genetics, alopecia, or trauma such as that from cancer surgery or burns. Also this process suits the women who need to thicken and enhance the appearance of their eyelashes who already have eyelashes.

The donor area for eyelashes is the scalp which then becomes eyelashes and they continue to grow for rest of the life and therefore need to be trimmed once in a month. For natural appearance of eyelashes, the hairs are transplanted one at a time. The eyelash hair transplant is very delicate procedure which requires perfect placement hairs that are angled at just the right direction and position to mimic natural growth.

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