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Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Eyebrows that are full, shapely and well formed look more ironic than the thin or absent brows. At NHT, our eyebrow hair transplant surgeons use proven hair transplant techniques to enhance as well solve hair loss problem in brow areas permanently. Eyebrow restoration is well known treatment to replace eyebrows or touch up small areas of hair loss that result from over-plucking, scars, or genetic causes.

In eyebrow transplantation, required amount of hair from just above the ear or back of head or other part of body is taken to transplant to the eyebrow region. This process is performed of our expert surgeons and takes only 2-3 hours. Within 2-3 weeks, natural permanent hair starts growing which are for life time. Brows are aesthetically designed according to your face shape and brow restoration is beautiful and permanent solution to hair loss in eyebrow areas.

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