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Evaluation Of Hair Loss

Evaluation Of Hair Loss

Normally people who travel a lot and have a hectic schedule, have a hostel life or have inadequate nourished diet, often suffer hair loss problems.

To have an appropriate and accurate treatment, hair evaluation is must before any kind of treatment. In Evaluation of hair, every minute detail like causes and situations of hair loss are understood first before moving further. Our doctor panels are highly expertise in their field and make effort to move to right direction for 100% quality results.

Step by Step Procedure of hair Evaluation

  • First and foremost thing is to assess the degree of hair loss precisely
  • Know the frequency of hair loss as well any family history of hair loss/ baldness
  • Diet, hormonal disturbances, stress, menstrual disturbances, obstetric history or any other disease is known to make right assessment
  • After this, highly advanced hair analysis instruments like Cast knowing the density, thickness of hair, grade of hair loss and ratio of Anagen-Telogen
  • Even some assessment tests are conducted varying from patient to patient such as Serum Iron Level, Haemogram, Thyroid and Prolactin levels etc

After assessment, Doctors try out some routine medicines, multivitamins, dietary supplements and antioxidants which show good results. But if still, hair loss doesn't stop then hair loss treatment like FUE hair transplant, FUT hair transplant, PRP, stem cell therapy etc are used.

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