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DHT or Direct Hair Transplant procedure is the latest breakthrough in the hair restoration field. Hair Transplant done through DHT is comparatively fast and completely painless.DHT requires no incisions, no surgery and no donor area as well.

DHT works on very simple formula. Here the DHT specialists take hairs from the other parts of the body, keep them in saline solution to make them ready for grafting following the punching of these hairs to the bald/hair shedding area of scalp.DHT doesn't work in cases like people having different texture of hairs on other parts of body than the head. Our surgeons ensure you to have normal looking hair after DHT process.

Using the most advanced instruments and techniques, the DHT process does a fabulous job and the patient goes back home happy. And of course, affordable price paid for these permanent hair transplant methods is nothing compared to the benefits from draws from them.

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