What is the Cause of Hair Loss or Hair Thinning


Thin hair means week hair which can be a main cause of hair loss. When our hair becomes thin they start break during comb and bath. With this you can not pick any style because in this case you have to take care of your health and faced disappointment. Thin hair is like scissors for our hairs which cut our hair inch by inch daily. It is not an ignorable situation, when it occurs we need to stop it for our hairs because, hairs our essential part of one’s beauty and personality.

Hair Thinning Men:

Men faced this problem more nowadays moreover in young age. For men who are already suffering from thinning of the hair, it may be not easy to deal with especially because other people have the propensity to laugh at them and put them in embarrassing situations.

Hair Thinning Women:

Women, who can not avoid or ignore the problem of hair loss, so, it is more difficult for women to face embarrassing situation because of thin hairs. Women pick so many styles in her daily life and having thin hair may be a cause of disappointment for her.

Why is My Hair Thinning?

Why is my hair thinning is always be a question asked by those who are facing this problem. This problem may be genetic or from your parents but sometimes it may because of our own mistakes like don’t take proper care of your hair, don’t wash them properly or products used by you for your hairs. Whether your thin hairs are genetic or by your mistake, it’s not impossible now to get rid from this problem. One can go for its treatment for getting thick hair.

Causes of Hair Thinning or Baldness:

Showing care less behavior, don’t take head bath properly, don’t give them massage, pollution and use of chemical products much can be some common and main causes of hair thinning. Whatever we eat also affects our hair. Using more hot or cold water during head bath can make your hair thin. Picking a new hairstyle with the help of cosmetics and electrical also can prove dangers for our hairs. Thin hairs may be a reason of major baldness or hair loss. Because thin hair don’t have that strength that they can bear comb or pollutions. Thin hair also may because of any disease or health issue like cancer patients got this problem because of this issue. Using medicines also make our hair thin.

Hair Thickening for Keep Your Hair Beautiful and Strong:

Having thick hairs are everyone’s dream. And you can get thick hair by following some tips.

Home Made Tips:

If you are on initial stage of hair loss then by using some simple home made tips you can keep your hair safe like massage with natural oils, using good products for hairs, less use of chemicals and proper head bath.

Use of Aloe Vera:

Use of Aloe Vera is as well good for your hair’s health. You can prefer its products or apply its gel direct on your scalp and hairs.


Medicines are also available for thin hair’s cure. But take these medicines after taking expert’s advice.

Vitamin “C”:

Vitamin C is helping for our healthy hairs. If we have sufficient quantity of vitamin c in our body then it affects to our hairs. You can take its tablets from market or can get it from orange, Lemmon and from things those have sour taste.