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Hair Transplant

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scalp hair transplant

Every man irrespective of the gender loves their hair. As we all know the first impression that we draw about a person is by his or her physical appearance. A good hairstyle or good hair makes a person look beautiful and enhances his or her confidence. However, hair fall is a regular problem that people all over the world faces. There are several reasons why hair fall occurs; age is one of the major reasons. Along with it, pollution, stress, genetic disorders or alopecia can also cause hair loss and can lead to complete baldness. However, baldness is no more a shame as many people by choice go bald and that’s their style statement. However, these people are few in number and are outnumbered by the mass of people who still considers hair as an import accessory.

There are several hair fall solutions available in the physical and online market. Also, there are homemade remedies that your mother and grandmother suggest you for better hair. But people with alopecia choose hair transplantation as the most important weapon to combat hair loss. Hair transplantation is no more a new term in India. There are various leading clinics in India in several states who provide the best hair transplant treatment.

But, there are few important things about hair transplantation you should know. Firstly, a doctor wouldn’t advise you hair transplantation if your condition does not suggest so. Also, they would do a detailed study about all your condition and will discuss in details the things that you need to know before the transplantation is done and the possible results of it. Hair Transplant in Ludhiana is one of the leading and the most efficient destination for you if you choose is to transplant your hair. They have efficient staff members and also excellent experts who carefully treat your hair issue.

Listed below are few important things, following which can make you gain the best possible results from hair transplantation.

  • Post-operative care is very crucial. Your hair will go through several minute changes. For the next six months or one year after the surgery, it is better to follow the instructions that your doctor has provided you. Your hair grows normally and you get better results with time.


  • There is nothing worst when you are confident. Hair fall and baldness takes away your confidence and lowers your self-esteem. But it is assured that they will come back once you are done with your hair transplant surgery. They will boost up your hair and will provide you with good looks and confidence.


  • It is very important to identify your need. If you witness no change in your hair fall rate even after you have tried several ways, it is better that you visit a doctor. Alopecia or pattern baldness is generally hereditary. So, it is wise to transplant your hair when you see your hair fall rate is superior to your hair growth rate.


  • There has been a steady rise in science and technology in the recent century. The techniques and the tools that are used during hair transplantation are of superior quality and provide assured tip-class results. If you are worried about the techniques or your location, then stop worrying any longer. There are several clinics for Hair Transplant in Ludhiana and also on the other parts of the country.


  • A good doctor, an efficient clinic, and a one-time investment are all you need to restrain your look hair lifetime. Every day, you spent money on different accessories to make you look beautiful. Now, think wisely and invest in the most profitable arena that will not just boost up your confidence but will also help you never lose it too.

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hair transplant delhi

Hair care becomes a mandate for some people till the time they had already started to suffer. However sufferings due to hair loss remains to be crucial and excessive hair loss may compel one to take action. There are various methods applicable which allows you to take care of your hair. Hair transplantation remains to be the last resort, when there are no other alternatives available.

Although hair transplant solutions are expensive, they offer more of permanent solutions. But again, it is important that you consult an efficient surgeon for the process. Another important observation is that, patients should know what are the pros and cons of hair transplantation procedure in order to be aware of the side effects. As a matter of fact, India has been transformed to an effective destination for hair transplantation surgery. It has been observed that, the most prominent place for hair transplantation in Delhi. The location is famous for skilled surgeons and experienced professionals who can help you to get the surgery done. At the same time, the destination allows you to get good ambience and comfortable environment. Besides, assuring complete customer service the clinics based out of Delhi also offer EMI facilities for the clients.

Basics of Hair Transplantation process:

Hair transplantation requires moving hair grafts from the donor area of the scalp to the recipient area. Transplants happen to be an old process, and have been happening since long. Only thing is that technologies have been changed since past and modern technologies made to be available. However experts suggest that, before transplantation, taking expert consultation remains to be a mandate.


Hair transplantation starts by the process of cleaning the scalp. The scalp is then injected with medicines, which is applied at the back of the head. Either of the two methods can be applied, which includes Follicular Unit Strip surgery (FUSS) or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). FUSS, implies that, 6 to 10-inch skin strip is removed from the back of the head by the surgeon. The removed strip of a strip of skin is then set aside. Next the scalp is sewn to close it. The sewn area is then instantly concealed by hair. After this, the strip is divided into 500 to 2000 small grafts. The grafts contain a few hairs. Such hairs are then used for transplantation. However, the quality of transplantation depends on the type, color and quality of hair and the size of the area required for transplantation. In case of FUE hair is transplanted from the back of the scalp. Hair follicles are removed from the back of the scalp which is again covered with existing hairs.

Apparently, two procedures are more or less the same. As the grafts get prepared, the recipient area is cleaned and numbed.  This is followed by using a needle or scalpel, with the help of which slits or holes are created.  Individual grafts are then placed into each of the holes. The process can be executed between 4 to 8 hours depending on the desired results.


After the transplantation procedure, the scalp remains to be tender. Most of the patients have felt a persistent pain for a few days after transplantation. For pain relief, anti biotics are suggested. Usually most of the patients go back to a normal life after the surgery takes place. However, immediately following the surgical procedure, hair fall can be experienced. This will be experienced for the first 3 weeks. However, re-growth of hair occurs between 6 – 9 months as such.  

Costs and risks of treatment

The cost of hair transplant varies as per the amount of hair to be transplanted. Generally, it ranges between Rs Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 100000. The per graft cost which most of the clinics in Delhi offer is somewhere around Rs. 25/- to Rs. 35/- However, an individual investigation needs to be done once you zero-in on the surgery process.  Patients are asked to take a detailed screening of the risks involved.  Therefore, consulting a qualified surgeon is a mandate before you are planning to go for the process.


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It is believed that hair transplant is the best solution for baldness or hair loss in humans. Baldness is medically identified as alopecia which is basically the lack of all or a considerable part of the hair on the head and most times on other parts of the body. On the other hand, baldness or hair loss is prevalent, and this usually occurs when the regular process of hair growth gets interrupted and hair transplant can be used as a corrective measure for this condition. However, the emergence of baldness is usually considered the sphere of aging in men, but this happens to be an equal -opportunity condition and practically affects anyone. Worthy of note is the fact that shedding of the human hair is different from hair loss in human, and so this when hair flakes and doesn't grow back. Oftentimes, people are said to shed or lose hair during hectic events, such as childbirth, emotional trauma due to a breakup or divorce or mostly in times of grief. 


                                                                                                  Baldness stages

Baldness doesn’t only occur on the scalp, some health conditions and medications can trigger baldness or hair loss, though the case for genetics has been pitched and is said to account for most cases on the head. This is why hair transplant is seen as a solution that comes in handy to correct this anomaly. The causes of hair loss or baldness is said to affect men, women and children and aside from heredity, noticeable hair loss or baldness can emanate from a wide variety of factors including: Harsh hairstyles or treatments, Hormonal imbalance, Illness or surgery, The stress from sickness or surgery, Medications and vitamins, Cancer chemotherapy, Nutritional deficits, Aging, etc

However, women relatively don't go totally bald, but lose hair on top of the head or at the temples. Men practically tend to lose hair on their temples, and are more liable than women to go entirely bald. There is the agreement that hair transplant is the ultimate solution but there are also quite a number of available treatments for baldness and they include: Hair weaves or wigs, Topical creams and lotions, Anti-inflammatory medications, Surgery, Hair-growth laser treatment, etc Hair transplantation is a medical procedure or form of surgery which involves extracting a narrow piece of hair-bearing scalp from the rear of the head and using it to fill up an area with relatively thin or no hair. It is basically a surgical procedure, a world-wide scientific proven procedure with a natural growing hair formula used to correct conditions of baldness or hair loss.  Having a transplant is the next best solution for baldness in humans and hair transplant in India seems a more viable alternative in terms of cost and reliability.

FUE hair transplant which is also known as the follicular unit extraction, a procedure in hair transplant which unlike strip harvesting, is the traditional procedure in which a narrow piece of skin is removed from a donor spot and engraved into individual units. In FUE, the doctor uses a clinical tool to remove multiple groups of one to four hairs from the spot. On the average, hair transplant cost in Delhi is relatively affordable and in India is where you have some of the most experienced hair restoration specialist surgeons and facilities for performing Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). However, FUE hair transplant in India is rapidly becoming the hair restoration formula of choice. These facilities in India are well equipped with the world's most recognized FUE donor harvesting equipments such as- ARTAS, Cole PCID, NeoGraft, as well as the SAFE system, which are the products of very extensive research and development.


Hair Transplant Cost Comparison 

Medical surgeons in India are well experienced and their clinical proficiency has produced impressive results in donor patients as well as in reduced graft operations and superior harvesting costs. With the relatively low hair transplant cost in India, the demand for hair transplant by patients has been on the increase and this has resulted in more alternative procedures and expertise being researched by clinical surgeons. Since almost all patients value the natural aesthetic outcome with the mechanical or automated FUE in comparison to the linear strip method, doctors have thus refined the hair transplantation surgery experience through the FUE and improved on the clinical outcomes for patients.

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“All that glitters is not gold” – this could apply to all our celebrities who have had hair loss or baldness. Celebrity hair transplant has become a common phenomenon in today’s glittering world.

Celebrity hair transplant has become more of a necessity rather than a personal need for many a super star be it in Hollywood or Bollywood. This is also applicable to sport stars from all across the globe with the fame they have achieved in any of the events they are part of.


alchohal & hair loss

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