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Hair Loss

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scalp hair transplant

Every man irrespective of the gender loves their hair. As we all know the first impression that we draw about a person is by his or her physical appearance. A good hairstyle or good hair makes a person look beautiful and enhances his or her confidence. However, hair fall is a regular problem that people all over the world faces. There are several reasons why hair fall occurs; age is one of the major reasons. Along with it, pollution, stress, genetic disorders or alopecia can also cause hair loss and can lead to complete baldness. However, baldness is no more a shame as many people by choice go bald and that’s their style statement. However, these people are few in number and are outnumbered by the mass of people who still considers hair as an import accessory.

There are several hair fall solutions available in the physical and online market. Also, there are homemade remedies that your mother and grandmother suggest you for better hair. But people with alopecia choose hair transplantation as the most important weapon to combat hair loss. Hair transplantation is no more a new term in India. There are various leading clinics in India in several states who provide the best hair transplant treatment.

But, there are few important things about hair transplantation you should know. Firstly, a doctor wouldn’t advise you hair transplantation if your condition does not suggest so. Also, they would do a detailed study about all your condition and will discuss in details the things that you need to know before the transplantation is done and the possible results of it. Hair Transplant in Ludhiana is one of the leading and the most efficient destination for you if you choose is to transplant your hair. They have efficient staff members and also excellent experts who carefully treat your hair issue.

Listed below are few important things, following which can make you gain the best possible results from hair transplantation.

  • Post-operative care is very crucial. Your hair will go through several minute changes. For the next six months or one year after the surgery, it is better to follow the instructions that your doctor has provided you. Your hair grows normally and you get better results with time.


  • There is nothing worst when you are confident. Hair fall and baldness takes away your confidence and lowers your self-esteem. But it is assured that they will come back once you are done with your hair transplant surgery. They will boost up your hair and will provide you with good looks and confidence.


  • It is very important to identify your need. If you witness no change in your hair fall rate even after you have tried several ways, it is better that you visit a doctor. Alopecia or pattern baldness is generally hereditary. So, it is wise to transplant your hair when you see your hair fall rate is superior to your hair growth rate.


  • There has been a steady rise in science and technology in the recent century. The techniques and the tools that are used during hair transplantation are of superior quality and provide assured tip-class results. If you are worried about the techniques or your location, then stop worrying any longer. There are several clinics for Hair Transplant in Ludhiana and also on the other parts of the country.


  • A good doctor, an efficient clinic, and a one-time investment are all you need to restrain your look hair lifetime. Every day, you spent money on different accessories to make you look beautiful. Now, think wisely and invest in the most profitable arena that will not just boost up your confidence but will also help you never lose it too.

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hair loss- hair transplant

Hair is considered as one of the most crucial part of our body. We are living in the environment where we are surrounded by tremendous pollution. It largely affects our scalp and results in terrific hair fall.  In our daily busy schedule, we hardly get time to concentrate on maintaining the health of our hair. To keep our hair healthy, we need to follow some ways in our daily lives.

Losing hair is a very common problem these days and sometimes this problem goes that viral that people may fall into severe mental disorder. There are several treatments available in the medical science which could fight against the hair loss. Some treatment has its stunning result whereas some of them have failed to provide its charisma. Therefore, it is not always good to rely on all the treatments.

Among all the treatments, Hair Transplant is considered as the most effective one. Even after the hair transplant treatment, one can lose hair. This is commonly known as the post-operative shedding. Losing 50-100 hairs in a day is normal but it is matter of worry if one loses more than 150 hairs in a day.

Pune is known as one of the best places where, the success rate of hair transplant treatment is really high. However, people go through serious issues of hair loss even after going through the hair transplantation treatment from few of the centres in Pune. There is a difference between normal shedding and post operative hair fall.


Shedding, immediately after one goes through the hair transplant:

Shedding of hair immediately after one goes through transplant is considered as a very normal phenomenon. Responding to every trauma is a very natural reaction for our body. One undergoes various stages of hair transplantation procedures. Once the transplantation gets completed, the patients face the post operation shedding even after 1 to 4 weeks. It is very natural shedding which gets cured after one or one and a half months.

In medical terms, the hair loss after the transplantation is known as effluvium. One needs to keep track that how long this effluvium continues. If one observes that the effluvium is continuing even after 6-7 weeks, then one should immediately consult a doctor and take necessary actions in this case.

There are few interesting factors that one needs to consider while one is going through this extended effluvium stage. The miniaturization, genetic balding process, is another interesting factor which one needs to be followed while one is going through the effluvium phase. If the miniaturization and the effluvium phase overlaps, then one can face the hair loss in a higher rate.


Avoiding Effluvium

There are various techniques used during the hair transplantation and each of these techniques has its after effects. Effluvium is one of the most common effects in this case.  Mishandling of hair while grafting and the usage of bad techniques are the genuine causes of extended effluvium. However, this effluvium phase can be avoided, if one goes through proper medication. The FUE and the FUT hair restoration surgery, the patient undergoes severe stress due to the anaesthetic mixture. As a result of the application of this mixture in the scalp, the patient faces effluvium. However, correct course of the medication, heals up the scalp and help the patient to get over from the effluvium phase.


Hair loss of Transplanted Hair

The reason behind the loss of the transplanted is the sudden obstruction of blood supply in the scalp. As an immediate result of this, the hair fall takes place and it continues till six to seven weeks after the transplantation.

A very small percentage of people is there, who never cross the effluvium phase. Though the hair transplant in Pune is considered as one of the best solutions, it is better to avoid transplantation as the patient has to go through several difficult phases, once the transplantation is done. Also it is not an easy task to cross the effluvium phase for the patient. Apart from the hair transplantation, there are various other options available in the medical science which helps to reduce hair loss but the person has to take the recommendation from the right place. 


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Now a day, hair loss is a big issue for everyone. Baldness is a main reason for hair falling in men than women. Thinning of hair, morning shower, ironing, blowing the hair, from chemical process such as straightening and curling, etc… here we are discussing some main causes of hair fall. They are as follows:

1. Stress, tension and depression – If you have stress, tension for work, home etc. You are in depression for most of the time. Then hair loss is must.

2. After pregnancy – after pregnancy, most of hair fall occurs during shampooing and combing it. This condition is known as telogen effluvium. It may be occur after major surgery, after prolonged intake of some medications such as medication for depression, NSAIDS for pain relief, etc… in this condition, phases of growth of the hair are faster than normal which leads to short life of hair cause hair fall.

  • Duration of this condition – 1 ½ months to 3 months
  • Treatment – reduce your stress and reduces the dosage of medication

3. Anaemia – hair loss due to some necessary elements such as iron and other substances are more common cause in females. Hair fall occur due to less nutrition in the blood which is necessary for growth of the hair.

  • Causes – prolonged menstrual bleeding that losses more iron
  • Less intake of iron rich food into daily diet
  • Blood loss after injury
  • Gastric mucosal cell atrophy

Symptoms – early fatigue, weakness, hair loss, less concentration power
Treatment – intake of iron rich food such as green leafy vegetables, intake of iron tablets orally


4. PCOD – polycystic ovarian disease – in this condition, two or more cysts are formed in ovaries. It cause imbalance in the level of hormones which leads to hair fall. Hormonal therapy can be a alternative good hair loss treatment if your hair are falling because of polycystic ovarian disease.

5. Skin diseases of the scalp – there are many skin conditions such as fungal infection of the scalp, dandruff, psoriasis etc may lead to hair fall. In these conditions, production of scaly skin, excess ol production, development of fungus etc may hamper the health of hair and leads to falling of hair.

6. Alopecia areata – in this condition, body’s own immunity destroys the follicle of the hair. Stress is a main cause of autoimmune disorders. Presence of Round or oval shaped smooth patches of baldness on the scalp.

7. Over styling – straightening, curling, ironing, and use of drier cause damage of the shaft of the hair and it breaks the hair column which leads to hair fall. Over heating is also harmful. It damages the constructive protein of the hair strands.

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Thin hair means week hair which can be a main cause of hair loss. When our hair becomes thin they start break during comb and bath. With this you can not pick any style because in this case you have to take care of your health and faced disappointment. Thin hair is like scissors for our hairs which cut our hair inch by inch daily. It is not an ignorable situation, when it occurs we need to stop it for our hairs because, hairs our essential part of one’s beauty and personality.

Hair Thinning Men:

Men faced this problem more nowadays moreover in young age. For men who are already suffering from thinning of the hair, it may be not easy to deal with especially because other people have the propensity to laugh at them and put them in embarrassing situations.

Hair Thinning Women:

Women, who can not avoid or ignore the problem of hair loss, so, it is more difficult for women to face embarrassing situation because of thin hairs. Women pick so many styles in her daily life and having thin hair may be a cause of disappointment for her.

Why is My Hair Thinning?

Why is my hair thinning is always be a question asked by those who are facing this problem. This problem may be genetic or from your parents but sometimes it may because of our own mistakes like don’t take proper care of your hair, don’t wash them properly or products used by you for your hairs. Whether your thin hairs are genetic or by your mistake, it’s not impossible now to get rid from this problem. One can go for its treatment for getting thick hair.

Causes of Hair Thinning or Baldness:

Showing care less behavior, don’t take head bath properly, don’t give them massage, pollution and use of chemical products much can be some common and main causes of hair thinning. Whatever we eat also affects our hair. Using more hot or cold water during head bath can make your hair thin. Picking a new hairstyle with the help of cosmetics and electrical also can prove dangers for our hairs. Thin hairs may be a reason of major baldness or hair loss. Because thin hair don’t have that strength that they can bear comb or pollutions. Thin hair also may because of any disease or health issue like cancer patients got this problem because of this issue. Using medicines also make our hair thin.

Hair Thickening for Keep Your Hair Beautiful and Strong:

Having thick hairs are everyone’s dream. And you can get thick hair by following some tips.

Home Made Tips:

If you are on initial stage of hair loss then by using some simple home made tips you can keep your hair safe like massage with natural oils, using good products for hairs, less use of chemicals and proper head bath.

Use of Aloe Vera:

Use of Aloe Vera is as well good for your hair’s health. You can prefer its products or apply its gel direct on your scalp and hairs.


Medicines are also available for thin hair’s cure. But take these medicines after taking expert’s advice.

Vitamin “C”:

Vitamin C is helping for our healthy hairs. If we have sufficient quantity of vitamin c in our body then it affects to our hairs. You can take its tablets from market or can get it from orange, Lemmon and from things those have sour taste.


alchohal & hair loss

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