Home Remedies For Dandruff or Dandruff Treatment


It’s not important that you can keep your hairs health just with costly market products. You can use home remedies as well for your hair’s health and home remedies are far better then any other market product because, home remedies are natural and pure not added chemicals. So they don’t have any side effects like chemical products. You can include many natural things in your home remedies like lemon, cult, coconut oil, coriander leaves and gram flour etc even sometimes those things which you can find easily in your home can be very beneficial in the making of these remedies at home.

Home Remedies For Hair Or Hair Treatments At Home:

You can use typical common use things which are easily available in your home for these remedies.


You can take daily massage with basic oil like coconut, almond and mustard oil etc. daily massaging help to reduce hair fall and dandruff and also increase blood circulation in head.

Natural Therapy:

You can use fenugreek seed by frying them in coconut oil. Apply this mixture on scalp and hair for getting soft and smooth hairs.

Homemade Paste:

you can make paste for wash your hair and you can include oils and Neem leaves for that.

Home Remedies For Dandruff:

Dandruff most common problem of hairs but difficult to face and get rid. Many products are available in market today for this problem but they have less benefit and more side effects. So in this case need to go for home remedies. You can use common use things at home for your dandruff problem.

Home Remedies For Dry Hair And Dry Scalp:

Dry hairs are because of week hair and this is because of pollution. But you can remove dryness from your hair by using home remedies at home. Follow some simple rules for your hairs:

  • Take massage with basic oil before wash and you can also use paste by using some things mentioned above for head bath.
  • Don’t keep your hair without oils because dry hair damaged more.

Some Home Remedies And Their Benefits: You can use many things for your remedies at home.


You can use lemon for your dandruff problem as you can add this in your pastes and mixtures.

Neem Leaves:

You can make a paste by using neem leaves. We don’t need to know more about neem’s benefits as we all know its benefits from the beginning.


You can apply cult and add oil in it. Apply this mixture on your hair before wash. You can get shining hairs.


Massaging with basic oil helps you to remove dandruff and make your hair strong forever and save your hair from loss. You can use coconut oil, almond oil or Gooseberry oil for your hair. You can take your elders help like your mother or grand mother. They can guide you better and can make these remedies at home for your hairs. These products are natural and their regular use keep your hair always healthy and safe from all hair problem like, dry hair, dandruff or dry scalp etc.

You can use common use things at home for your dandruff problem.

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