The Domestic prescription to prevent hair loss at home..


We all want to be beautiful and healthy hair. Hair strengthening and many treatments to increase rapidly. Similarly, there are many treatments to prevent hair loss.

Are usually loses 50 to 100 hairs per day, which can not be seen with the naked eye. We then showed speed when we are lost most of his hair, seems to be concerned with hair loss is more rapid.

To resolve this problem, you will come back with new hair but you will have to prepare a domestic prescription. It prescribes an increase in growth. So you find

that some of the material is required.


1/2 banana,

One egg yolk,

A tablespoon of organic honey,

1/2 glass of beer.


Take the note must combine all ingredients and mix well. Make it creamy. A combination of mix is ??essential for accurate results. Take it to the head of the most affected area where hair jhare out there is ready when the combination. Give then planted at the head put paper film on this combination to which it will be deep into the skin. This combination to take place for a couple of hours and then wash your hair. This process once a week on the positive results will come.