Do you know benefits of Coconut oil for hair growth ?


Coconut oil is like a blessing for your hair and worked as a natural conditioner for your hairs. For nourishment of your hair coconut oil gives you sufficient portion. Coconut oil helps you to keep your hair healthy and strong. Many people claim that coconut oil essentially works better than any man-made treatments or market products. Coconut oil is also available in market now you can easily get it at a variety of drug stores, grocery stores, organic food stores, or health stores. Any kind of hair problems like dry, rough, thick can be cured by coconut oil.

Hot Oil Treatment With Coconut Oil:

Hot oil treatment for make your hair strong and shiny. By this treatment hairs become more shiny and natural. Tips for hot oil treatment at home:

  • Heat your coconut oil and keep it in bowl. You can also add olive oil for your scalp and also remember that you need to warm your oil not hot because it is for massage not for burn your scalp.
  • Apply it on your scalp and hairs and massage with your fingers. You can also take someone’s help for this. Give it massage for 20 or 30 minutes.
  • Take a towel and give it heat with iron and take steam on your head with it.
  • After that wash your hair and your hair will look shinier.

How To Use Coconut Oil For Hair:

You can use coconut oil on regular bases as well and can apply it on your hair before wash or can take massage weekly. If you are using coconut oil on regular bases then you need any other hair product.

Coconut Oil For Hair Growth:

If you are facing baldness or more hair fall then massage with coconut oil can helps you to get rid from this problem. You get less hair fall by regular use of coconut hair oil. It helps you to stop hair fall and helps you in your hair growth.

Coconut Oil For African American Hair:

If we talk about African American people’s hair then we already know that how their hairs are. Their hairs always look curly and messy. By coconut oil they can keep their hair straight and better then curly.

Coconut Oil For Skin Or Face:

Not for hairs only coconut oil is useful for our skin also. If you have dry and rough skin then you can use coconut oil on your skin for moisture. It can helps you to get a smooth skin because coconut is full of vitamins and when we use it on our skin it remove dryness and increase cells in your skin to make it perfect. You can use it direct or mix it in any other natural product.

Coconut Oil Uses And Benefits:

Here are some other benefits of coconut oil for human:

Skin and Hair Care:

As we discuss earlier that coconut oil is good for our skin and hair. One can get smooth skin and healthy hair by using coconut oil.


If you have any cut on your skin or wounded skin then you can apply coconut oil on it for cure.


Not just for applying you can also add it in your food. Yes, it helps to improve thyroid function, and escalate energy levels, all of which help decrease your unwanted fat.

Coconut oil don’t have few qualities. You can know more about it when you use it.