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Hair Styles
Hair Styles

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Are you one of those troubled hairnistas? You too rave about the black lustrous hair like your next door neighbor? So ladies, gear up for the miraculous tips we have got for you in today’s platter. Now, you don’t have to join the bad hair bandwagon at work. As the Greek says, ‘beauty of a lady lays in her beautiful hair not the clothes she wears’. Hair is women’s tool to describe her strength and beauty at the same time. Many of us are fighting with plethora of hair troubles these days. Due to the stressful and tight schedule of working, we tend to compromise drastically on our health which is the major reason of our depriving health and hair conditions.

In today’s driving era, it is very crucial to keep up with the healthy, smooth and silky locks without making it brittle, frizzy and dull. However, numerous magical creams, shampoos and conditioners have been launched which promises the real shine and health of your hair but ultimately results into the disasters and devastating than before.

Unfortunately, hair products with oodles of chemicals are the foremost reason behind the worse conditions for your dreadlocks which are proven to be very harmful for your hair texture, roots and leading to massive hair fall. As, the beauty of a lady lies in her hair so why can’t they make something beneficial to keep up the beauty? This is the reason why people are more inclined towards the herbal products rather than those expensive fancy items which results into nothing.

Nurture your beautiful locks with the benefits coming from the nature’s lap. Jojoba oil is one of the nature blessings which amazingly treat the dull, brittle and frizzy hair. This essential oil possesses a long shelf life and can be added to other carrier oils for organic hair treatment. This natural oil is extracted from the seeds of a beneficial herb through the process of cold press.

Dry, dull and damaged hair, this oil is proficient enough to treat the three plightful D’s which we all bare in our daily life. It is enriched with sources which further improve the hair quality and add shine to your dull strands and ultimately boosts the growth of your hair.

Market is full of chemically treated cosmetics and hair care products which tend to ruin the quality, Moreover leads to split ends. An apt hair health can be maintained with the efficient intake of balanced diet full of nutrients.

So all those pretty ladies, don’t wrinkle your forehead with the bad hair days. Go herbal and I am sure that this written piece will surely help you in restoring that shiny dread locks and you are going to make it happen with that bouncy oomph!! Take care!!

 About Author

Mr. Abhinav Singh has done lots of research on different essential oils and its uses. He is associated with a well recognized organization that manufactures and export wide number of essential oils. He is still doing research in this field and very much committed to unveil the different therapeutic and medicinal properties of different essential oils. 

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Curly hairs are in vogue from the beginning. Curly hairs are not one of a kind there are many types of hair cut and ways to curl your hair. You can curl your hair at home or prefer to go to a hairstylist. Curly hair can be genetic, one can have curly hairs from their birth but you can make them permanently and temporary also. You can get curly hair by visiting to a hairstylist or you can get it at home by using irons and straighter etc. Let’s know more about curly hair and how you can curl your hair.

How To Curl Hair With Curling Iron:

You can try to curl your hair at home with curling iron. Follow some steps to curl your hair with iron:

  • Wash your hairs but don’t apply oil on them.
  • When they become bit dry Brush your hair thoroughly.
  • Heat up your curling iron according to the quality of your hair. For thick hair you can increase its temperature but for thin hair keep it normal.
  • Or else you can apply a heat protection on your hair.
  • Divide your hairs in to sections and pin them up.
  • Then step by step curl your hair with iron.
  • Slowly use it on your hairs from bottom to end and pin them up also continue until all hairs is pined up. Use a hairspray to hold your curls.

How To Spiral Curl Hair:

Spiral curls look heavy then normal curls. They are further of two types heavy and loose. You can get these curls by using rollers and chemical. By using round rollers you can make spiral curls. You can tight them according to your desire for loose and heavy curls. What you have to do is take some round rollers and pins. Divide your hairs in parts and roll them with the help of rollers and set these rollers with the help of pins. If you want curls in hurry then you can also use iron for this and those curl style is called custom curls.

How To Curl Hair Without Curling Iron:

You can curl your hair at home and without iron also. Follow some easy steps if you want to curl your hair without iron:

  • Wash your hair with shampoo but remember you don’t have to use any oil.
  • Make so many middies with wet hairs tightly.
  • Forgot it for 8 hours and you can get curls without iron when you open your hair.

How To Scrunch Hair:

Scrunch hairs look like wavy hairs. For this you don’t need any iron or rollers. You can get scrunch hair by following these steps:

  • Wash your hair with shampoo.
  • Make a tight bun of your hairs with pins.

After eight hours of if you are doing it at night then when you open your hairs they will become wavy naturally.

How To Curl Hair With Flat Iron:

A straightener is called a flat iron. It is also like other irons. You can use it at home for temporary use. But its regular use can make your hair thin.

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Different type of hairstyles is picking up by people nowadays. Not girls’ only even boys are taking very interest in their hairstyle. Sometimes for making these hairstyles people prefer chemical products which does not suit to their hairs. Hairs should be strong and healthy for taking any type of hairstyle. Our hairstyle can change our face and personality completely and one could get a different look by taking a good hairstyle. You can make these styles at home by using cosmetics or electronic equipment or else can concern to a hairstylist. Hairstyles can be of short, long, straight, curly, traditional hairstyles, celebrity look, buns etc. But one thing is commonly important for picking them up is your healthy hairs. Healthy hairs could bear and observe damages also when we use chemical for any hairstyle.

Here we discuss About Some Types of Hairstyles:

Always choose a hairstyle according to your face and personality and after that according to your hair’s quality or take some expert’s or a good hairstylist’s advice.

Short Hairstyles for Men and Women:

Short hairstyles are in vogue from the beginning, we can say that haircuts get started with short hairstyle. Hollywood Celebrities start to take short hairstyle. Short haircuts can be of Blunt, “U” shape, step cuts etc and for this always prefer a good hairstylist who can give your hair a lovely shape and touch and also give you advice about what type of hairstyle you should pick and what should do for your hairs. Short hair styles are essentially for boys. Boys keep their hair short but still can pick many styles for them.

Hairstyles for Long Hair:

Sometimes we meet some people having long hair and afraid to cut them even they don’t want to touch scissor to their hair, because they have just a phobia sometimes that their pretty long hair will get short with that. But it’s not so true. If you have long hair then you also can pick so many styles with your long hairs. You can make their bun; you can cut them in shape of “V” so that they still look long and more attractive. You can joint them or keep them open as well as giving them a new look everyday.

Wedding Hairstyles, Hairstyles for Special Occasions Like Wedding:

On wedding girls try to pick so many different styles for their hairs so that they could look attractive and their hairstyle make them and their wearing more special. In Indian wedding all girls like to get ready like a bride. So, it’s necessary for them to pick a hairstyle which suits to their dress and whole look. If you are wearing full Indian then make a high bun of your hair or get a beautiful haircut. If you are wearing something trendy then keep your hair open and get a cool hairstyle for enhancement of your look. Choose a haircut according to your face or dressing.

Prom Hairstyles or Hairstyle for a Party:

Who don’t want to get attention in a party? If you are getting ready for a prom party then it’s obvious that you want to look different and hot. For this you can take a hairstylist’s help. If it is your collage party then open hair could look good as well as joint hairs. Today we have a lot of options for our hairs just need to choose a good one. French, pony tail, short haircut, long haircut every hairstyle can make your look good just need to consider it once and right guidance and also a style to pick them with your personality.

Hairstyles for Men:

Let’s talk about men’s hairstyles. If girls have so many options then boys are also not behind them. Today boys are also conscious about their look and hairstyles. It’s not limited to a barber for boys now boys also want to pick different hairstyles. For this they can concern to an expert hairstylist. Like girls men also should choose a hairstyle according to their face shape and hairs. Nowadays boys’ wants to look cool; buds, funky or dudes, and they make their hairstyles with their own by applying gel on them and try to create them in different ways. But taking a good haircut is look nicer then other ways.

Curly Hairstyles by Natural and Artificial Way:

Curly hairs could be from your birth as some people born with curly hairs and it’s called natural curly hairs. But stylists make it possible for normal hairs too. It is not a difficult process and not so easy also. If you want curly hair for short time then hairstylists can make your normal hair to curly with their skills and products. Well with this process curly hair also can convert into straight normal hairs but on temporary bases. You can also try this at home by making your wet hair’s middies. Wash your hair with shampoo and don’t apply any oil on them then make so many short middies of your hair and open your hair after hours, with this you can get curly hairs easily.

Bob Hairstyles:

Bob hairstyle is also a type of short haircut but not literally. Bob haircut covers your forehead and gives your face a different look. Person with any kind of face shape can take this haircut because it gives a different shape to your face. Bob haircut is for girls.

Medium Length Haircuts and Hairstyles:

Mostly girls prefer medium length hairstyles which give them a outstanding look in community. Basically medium length hairstyles are a type of famous haircut. Girls look smart with these haircuts and this hairstyle also adjust with the any kind of face.

Black Hairstyles:

Our hair color also enhances the beauty of our haircut. Hair colors of everyone are not always same. But if someone having pure black hairs then choose a good haircut for your hair so that your hair could look more attractive.

Tips for Look Good With Your Hairstyle:

Pick any hairstyle for you hairs but some things are really about to keep in consideration like quality of hairs, their strength, your personality and face shape etc. Style as in; you should have that style and confidence to accept and show your look with any kind of hair style you pick.


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