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Hair Growth
Hair Growth

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human hair growth phases

Hair is an important part of human body. Hair pattern on our heads, provide an outward look to our personality as well. Growth of hair is important, as this helps in enhancement of human personality to a large extent. Baldness can have an adverse effect on one’s personality and needs to be avoided. In order to promote healthy growth of hair on your scalp, you must understand the three phases of growth. Understanding the process, can help you to take care of your hair growth. The Three Phases of Hair Growth Cycle consists of three separate stages. These stages are:


hair growth cycle


1.  Anlagen –This is the first phase of growth and is well-covered within the normal process of growth. At the initial stage, the phase is often referred to as being ‘Anagen’ phase or growing phase. As per availability of statistics, it is understood that, hair grows at the rate of 1.25 cm a month. Each strand has a life cycle of between 2 to 6 years.


2. Catagen –This is better known as the transitional stage. This stage signifies the end of active growth of hair. This phase continues approximately till two weeks. The process marks the shrinkage of follicles due to severe disintegration. Disintegration of the hair follicle causes in uprooting, of the hair shaft, which results in disconnection of the blood supply. Total duration of the entire phase lasts between 2–3 weeks.


3. Telogen –This is assumed to be the third stage of the transitional phase. In this particular phase, the hairshaft is shed completely before the new follicles start to grow. At any particular point, it has been noted by the experts more than 80% of the hair follicles remain to be in growth phase. The rest of hairs are in the rest phase. As a matter of fact, follicles can remain to be dormant for almost 1 – 4 months at a go.


The above stages continue to take place, repeatedly in every human being. Anagen marks the cycle of hair shedding while Telogen remains to be the end of the cycle. It is interesting to note that, the phases are in operation continuously, and therefore the cycle continues. It is very common that, one hair strand may be in the anagen phase while the other in the telogen phase. Major complications in hair growth are noted when there is a disruption in the cycle. Reasons for such complications can be varied and manifold. You are therefore, suggested to take care of your health which might indicate metabolic imbalances, major illnesses, lack of wholesome nutrition and increased stress. Experts suggest that the whole cycle of hair loss and regeneration is a complicated process. Balding of your head can be a common phase which indicates excessive loss of hairs in the telogen phase. In case you register certain common symptoms of hairloss especially at a young age, please be sure that you visit a good doctor in order to address the problem.


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winter hair care
Young adult girl in winter park, shallow DOF

Almost people face hair growth related problems in winters. Hair growth gets affected by season. Summer and winter both affect hair growth, but in winters you need to take more care of your hair for a faster hair growth. Here are some simple useful tips that can help you grow your hair faster in winters also.

1.    Proper Diet:

In winters human body requires internal care more than external to fight with the side effects of too much cold. Likewise, making efforts to keep hair strong internally is necessary for a healthy hair growth and for that it is required to include vitamin and minerals in your everyday meal. Make sure that dry fruits, egg, fruits and green salad are there in your everyday diet. All these things internally boost the growth of hairs.

2.    Water in Body:

In winter people consume or drink water in low quantity that is not good for body’s overall structure. A plenty of water in the body is require for hair growth as well as stop hair falling. If you are unable to drink simple water in winters then try little warm water to complete the water need in the body. High consumption of water will help you grow hair faster in winters also.

3.    Exercise:

A little exercise in a day on a regular basis keep your body’s condition good by warming up your body in the cold. If you are fit internally and externally then you can have a faster hair growth.

4.    Massage on Scalp:

Massaging your scalp with a good hair oil is necessary no matter what the season is. When you massage your scalp with oil, it provides nourishment and moisture to the hair root that cannot be achieved in winter season easily. When your hair roots receive proper nourishment and moisture, then it boosts your hair growth procedure in the winters. Almond oil, coconut oil, mustard seed oil, etc. can be used for massage.

5.    Prevention:

During winters it is also suggested to prevent your hair from direct cold as well as artificial heat of electronics like hair dryer and straighter etc. rather you can prefer drying your hair in the sun. In winters it provides benefit to your hairs where artificial heat harms your hair and hair start falling. You can also wear a cap to prevent hair from direct cold in the winters.


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Now days every girl or boy wants that their hair must be healthy and long. Long and healthy hairs give a perfect look to their personality. But now due to pollution lot of hair problems are arrived like hair fall. For the solution lot of source are available which are helpful in hair grooming. One of them is vitamins which are helpful in hair growth. Vitamins for hair growth are helpful in providing protections to hair so that there must be less hair fall.

Natural vitamins for hair growth:

Person need to be careful about his diet it must be healthy so that proper protection must be given to hairs .vitamin which are essential for it are vitamin A which provides anti oxidant in the sebum of hair scalp. Vitamin A is in fish oil, cheese, carrot, apricots and peaches. After it vitamin C which is helpful in maintaining hair health this vitamin is available in citrus fruit, strawberry, kiwi’s pineapple, tomatoes and dark green fruits. After it biotin works as an anti aging agent by preventing graying of hair and hair loss. Vitamin B3 helps in scalp circulation and vitamin B12 prevents hair loss

Vitamins for faster hair growth:

There are lots of vitamins which are helpful in hair growth. In which first is Vitamin A it is essential vitamin for faster hair growth. It can be toxic for the health there by increasing hairs and make them lengthy. It is available in fish oil, dairy products etc. vitamin C is helpful in removing infection and scurvy and thereby also helpful in stoppage of hair breakage. Vitamin E enhances blood flow to the scalp and helps to grow hairs fast.

Prenatal vitamins for hair growth:

During pregnancy some ladies hair starts grow fastly so keeping that in mind prenatal vitamins make available for others also these can be getting through bio metrics. Which are helpful in growing hairs fast and make hair more healthy and smooth?

Vitamins for hair growth for African Americans:

For most African, American having long hairs is an ultimate desire. There are 3 main vitamins available which are helpful in protecting their hairs these are vitamin B complex it includes eight different vitamins like thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid and folio acid. After it vitamin c is responsible for the development of healthy collagen and third is vitamin E which is helpful in providing good blood circulation to the scalp.

Foods for hair growth:

For healthy hairs food products must be healthy. Healthy food can provide you good health and can protect your hairs from the damage like spittle and hair fall. Healthy food for it is salmon which is rich in protein and vitamin D and next is Walnuts which include biotin and vitamin E

Vitamins for hair loss:

Many vitamins helps to prevent hair loss .hair loss can be caused by vitamin deficiency. This deficiency can be removed through vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E.

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It’s not important that you can keep your hairs health just with costly market products. You can use home remedies as well for your hair’s health and home remedies are far better then any other market product because, home remedies are natural and pure not added chemicals. So they don’t have any side effects like chemical products. You can include many natural things in your home remedies like lemon, cult, coconut oil, coriander leaves and gram flour etc even sometimes those things which you can find easily in your home can be very beneficial in the making of these remedies at home.

Home Remedies For Hair Or Hair Treatments At Home:

You can use typical common use things which are easily available in your home for these remedies.


You can take daily massage with basic oil like coconut, almond and mustard oil etc. daily massaging help to reduce hair fall and dandruff and also increase blood circulation in head.

Natural Therapy:

You can use fenugreek seed by frying them in coconut oil. Apply this mixture on scalp and hair for getting soft and smooth hairs.

Homemade Paste:

you can make paste for wash your hair and you can include oils and Neem leaves for that.

Home Remedies For Dandruff:

Dandruff most common problem of hairs but difficult to face and get rid. Many products are available in market today for this problem but they have less benefit and more side effects. So in this case need to go for home remedies. You can use common use things at home for your dandruff problem.

Home Remedies For Dry Hair And Dry Scalp:

Dry hairs are because of week hair and this is because of pollution. But you can remove dryness from your hair by using home remedies at home. Follow some simple rules for your hairs:

  • Take massage with basic oil before wash and you can also use paste by using some things mentioned above for head bath.
  • Don’t keep your hair without oils because dry hair damaged more.

Some Home Remedies And Their Benefits: You can use many things for your remedies at home.


You can use lemon for your dandruff problem as you can add this in your pastes and mixtures.

Neem Leaves:

You can make a paste by using neem leaves. We don’t need to know more about neem’s benefits as we all know its benefits from the beginning.


You can apply cult and add oil in it. Apply this mixture on your hair before wash. You can get shining hairs.


Massaging with basic oil helps you to remove dandruff and make your hair strong forever and save your hair from loss. You can use coconut oil, almond oil or Gooseberry oil for your hair. You can take your elders help like your mother or grand mother. They can guide you better and can make these remedies at home for your hairs. These products are natural and their regular use keep your hair always healthy and safe from all hair problem like, dry hair, dandruff or dry scalp etc.

You can use common use things at home for your dandruff problem.

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Coconut oil is like a blessing for your hair and worked as a natural conditioner for your hairs. For nourishment of your hair coconut oil gives you sufficient portion. Coconut oil helps you to keep your hair healthy and strong. Many people claim that coconut oil essentially works better than any man-made treatments or market products. Coconut oil is also available in market now you can easily get it at a variety of drug stores, grocery stores, organic food stores, or health stores. Any kind of hair problems like dry, rough, thick can be cured by coconut oil.

Hot Oil Treatment With Coconut Oil:

Hot oil treatment for make your hair strong and shiny. By this treatment hairs become more shiny and natural. Tips for hot oil treatment at home:

  • Heat your coconut oil and keep it in bowl. You can also add olive oil for your scalp and also remember that you need to warm your oil not hot because it is for massage not for burn your scalp.
  • Apply it on your scalp and hairs and massage with your fingers. You can also take someone’s help for this. Give it massage for 20 or 30 minutes.
  • Take a towel and give it heat with iron and take steam on your head with it.
  • After that wash your hair and your hair will look shinier.

How To Use Coconut Oil For Hair:

You can use coconut oil on regular bases as well and can apply it on your hair before wash or can take massage weekly. If you are using coconut oil on regular bases then you need any other hair product.

Coconut Oil For Hair Growth:

If you are facing baldness or more hair fall then massage with coconut oil can helps you to get rid from this problem. You get less hair fall by regular use of coconut hair oil. It helps you to stop hair fall and helps you in your hair growth.

Coconut Oil For African American Hair:

If we talk about African American people’s hair then we already know that how their hairs are. Their hairs always look curly and messy. By coconut oil they can keep their hair straight and better then curly.

Coconut Oil For Skin Or Face:

Not for hairs only coconut oil is useful for our skin also. If you have dry and rough skin then you can use coconut oil on your skin for moisture. It can helps you to get a smooth skin because coconut is full of vitamins and when we use it on our skin it remove dryness and increase cells in your skin to make it perfect. You can use it direct or mix it in any other natural product.

Coconut Oil Uses And Benefits:

Here are some other benefits of coconut oil for human:

Skin and Hair Care:

As we discuss earlier that coconut oil is good for our skin and hair. One can get smooth skin and healthy hair by using coconut oil.


If you have any cut on your skin or wounded skin then you can apply coconut oil on it for cure.


Not just for applying you can also add it in your food. Yes, it helps to improve thyroid function, and escalate energy levels, all of which help decrease your unwanted fat.

Coconut oil don’t have few qualities. You can know more about it when you use it.

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Think yourself being bald and you will not wish to live the next moment of your life. That is what all about the importance of your valuable hair. That is why it is important to know how to take care of hair and know the best hair care tips.

Be it man or women or be it young boy or girl or small kids as well, hair plays an important role in every person’s life. The looks of an individual depends on his hair style and then most of us are always looking for best hair care tips to modify the hair styles keeping the hair trends in the world. While we keep changing the hair styles we need to know how to take care of hair as it is important not to damage the hair in the process.

Few important things that have been identified and lead to hair loss are poor diet, shortfall in intake of vitamins, certain kinds of illness … etc.  The deficiencies due to shortfall in intake of vitamins leads to hair problems such as thinning of hair, baldness, premature graying, increase in dandruff and many more related problems.

Taking adequate care of hair and to keep updated with the best hair care tips around is very important. Let us share few hair care tips that will help you on how to take care of hair.

  • Having a healthy and timely diet can definitely one of the best hair care tips for all ages. The irregular diet schedule could lead to hair loss. Fruits and raw vegetables provide us enough proteins to keep our hair healthy.
  • You need to always look out for more easily available and homely/natural products solutions for your hair. For example your hair care tips should include products such as lemon, coconut oil, vinegar, shikakai … etc as these keep your hair healthy. Applying of honey on scalp helps to get rid of scrambled and curly hair. You may try this by mixing honey in 2 cups of fresh cream which will help create some brilliant stuff for your dry hair. You can also try rinsing your dry hair with lemon juice – it helps to get back the lost shine
  • One of the important hair care tip is to use a mild shampoo and conditioner with natural ingredients like rosemary, seaweed extract, keratin, plant proteins … etc. Wash your hair regularly with a good shampoo as it helps to remove hair oils, dead skin cells and importantly dirt. Recommended to use a conditioner after shampoo.
  • Another important hair care tip is to use a wide toothed comb to remove the tangles when you have wet hair. This helps to save your hair from loss. The sharp tooth combs could break your hair and split ends.
  • Use minimal chemicals on your hair. Be careful on the quality of gels, perms dyes or bleaches that you use.
  • DO NOT use excessive heat to dry your hair as it could damage your hair. Use minimal hair dryers, flat irons or curling irons.
  • Try to get your hair trimmed every 25-30 days. This will help your hair to shed the dead ends. In some case could help in hair styling as well.

Hope you now know how to take care of hair and what are the best hair care tips that can suit your hair style.

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If you could name me one person who is now bald or is facing problems with his hair growth and is still proud, that would be unbelievable. Every one of us I mean including girls specifically are eager to know about the secrets on how to make your hair grow faster.

To know how to make your hair grow faster is a top secret if you ask this from those who are able to maintain their long and beautiful hair. Having long and beautiful that grows fast as well is a desire for many a women and girls. It is important to understand that natural hair growth can be achieved only by following a strict schedule like having a balanced died, keep a track that you are taking appropriate inputs of desired vitamins for your hair, you are using a good shampoo and conditioner are all important tips which are must to know on how to make your hair grow faster.


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Our hair is made up of shaft and root. Roots are made up of cells, these cells have a life cycle they grow, stay,...