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Hair Care
Hair Care

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Our hair deserves love, care and nurture as they have gown with us since our childhood. However, pollution, job stress, unhealthy lifestyle and the amount of chemicals we pour in our hair is enough to give us a hair fall. We know it is one of the most serious concerns and nothing seems to solve this problem right away. You must have also tried dozens of shampoos just to fail royally in your attempt to stop hair fall. There are number of ways to treat this problem. Some solutions might produce different result on different hair types, however do not give up in the process.

If you are having a chronic hair loss problem, which is absolutely impossible to solve using home remedies or normal medicines prescribed by a doctor, then you should go for hair transplantation. Yes, it will incur you expense which will be more compared to other treatments; however it is an effective and permanent solution. India is known to have best hair transplantation facilities. Hair Transplant in Pune is considered the best in India. So we would advise you to carry out hair transplant in Pune to avoid any mistake.

However, if you hair loss problem is not that big, the here are some natural remedies for you.

Olive Oil:

Olive oil is considered to be a magic potion for the hair, which leaves the hair feeling soft and shiny. Simple give a nice and warm massage of olive oil to your scalp ad hair and leave it for 10-20 minutes. Then, use a mild shampoo to wash off the extra oil. This will leave your hair feeling smooth and looking lustrous. Do this every time before you shampoo your hair. A good massage increases blood circulation to the scalp which increases hair growth. Alternatively, you can also mix olive oil and honey, warm this mixture and massage it onto the scalp and down the hair length for an extra soft hair.


If your hair thinning speed has increased, then avocados are your best friend. This fruit is a powerhouse of vitamin E which moisturizes hair and adds a dash of volume to your hair. Wondering how to get it? Smash an avocado, mix one tablespoon of olive oil and one smashed banana. Now massage this mixture gently on the scalp and hair. Leave it for 30 minutes as within this time your hair and scalp will absorb all the nutrients of this hair pack. Rinse your hair using lukewarm water and wash it using mild/herbal shampoo. Consider doing this remedy once a week.


We love eating eggs. Our body needs egg as a source of protein plus our taste buds find this food yummy. However, give a protein shake to your hair as well for a thicker mane. Simply take the egg and beat it well. Then apply it to your hair and voila! You are done with the main process. Then leave it for 30 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. You can also mix organic coconut oil with the eggs for that extra nourishment. Do this trick twice or thrice a week, whenever you shampoo

Castor Oil:

Considering massaging cold pressed castor oil to your scalp for getting thicker hair and reduction of hair fall. It creates a protective layer or a shield on your hair which prevents hair fall. A coat of castor oil before hitting the bed at night is also known to give thick and long eyelashes naturally.


Lastly, we will advise you to reduce the dose of chemicals and heat to your hair. Styling your hair might make your hair look attractive, however in this process you are stripping your hair off of the natural hair oils which ultimately cause breakage, split ends and hair fall. Reduce the frequency of hair styling if you want naturally thick hair.

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children hair care

Most importantly, a healthy hair care for children practically begins with learning how to wash their hair without having to damage it, while as parents we can teach the children how to enhance and take good care of their own hair by learning the best in hair hygiene techniques. The issue of having to take care of children’s hair is very serious as this can generate some problems for many of the mothers who are sometimes unsure about the child’s hair care requirements. Parents must realize that healthy hair care in children begins with teaching them how to wash the hair without having to damage it. So it is important to understand that children’s hair care should be an integral part of the child’s daily routine which is just like brushing their teeth. Mothers can also try the method of plaiting the child’s long hair into two or tie it up into a ponytail but never put up into a bun. The best way to prevent unhealthy hair is to teach children healthy habits for taking care of their hair.

In the world over, appearance of shiny hair signifies healthy hair because the layers of the hair cuticle are known to lie flat and thus reflect light. And so when the scales of the hair cuticle lie flat they invariably overlap while the inner layers are basically shielded from heat, sun rays, chlorine, and every other hazard that can come from living in our environment. Which affect the hair.

In other to enable parents help their kids develop good hair-care habits that prevent hair damage in children, physicians and dermatologists have laid down parenting tips to help them achieve this:

  • Loosen both braids and ponytails and don’t forget to make use of covered rubber bands.
  • Try as much as possible to avoid hair requiring heat and chemical treatments.
  • Even when heat is extremely necessary, lower the heat.
  •  When a child’s hair is normal to oily, shampooing is said to work best.
  • A parent must use a wide-tooth comb on the child’s hair more often than a brush.
  • When outdoors, wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect the scalp and hair from the suns heat rays.
  • It is imperative to use de-tangling spray for your child's hair when necessary
  • Parents should know that washing a child’s hair once or twice a week is should be enough.
  • The child’s hair should be combed when it is wet and never to be brushed.
  • Parents must endeavour to make use shampoo especially those formulated for children's hair.

Children today crave playing with fun clips and hair ties and so parents should avoid hairclips with sharp edges because they can hurt the tender scalp and cause hair damage. However, when the child’s hair is kept neatly tied back is sure a good way of avoiding hair tangling which can lead to flaking of early hair in children’s hair. But then, children's hair isn’t known to be greasy like that of adults since their sebaceous glands do not secrete substantial amounts of oil needed until puberty. So you only need to wash the child’s hair every few days. If a child has very long hair, using conditioner or spray-on de-tangler can help parents avoid knots in the child’s hair while using a soft brush for fine and better hair results.

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Many people today wish to have picture perfect hairs. They go beyond their pockets to achieve their desired hairs. They try anything ranging from harsh chemicals to expensive salon treatments that promises beautiful hairs. But many end up with more damaged hairs due to harsh chemicals and heat provided to their hair. Is there any solution to get beautiful, healthier and shiner looking hairs? Yes there is, and you are at the right place to get the solution for your dull and damaged hairs. 

Olive oil for beautiful hairs

Using olive oil is the solution to your dry hair problem. When you use olive oil as a deep conditioner, you will have a noticeable  difference in your hair. All over your hair will look  healthier, vibrant and strong When you incorporate olive oil to your hair care regime the oil covers each hair strand, making it shinier and stronger. It is a perfect blend of conditioner and nutrition to your hair. Here are some benefits of Olive oil, which will help you understand why olive oil is effective for dry frizzy hairs?

  1. Fights dandruff: Dandruff is mainly caused due to dryness in the scalp. Slowly resulting in dry, itchy and flaky scalp. Olive oil moisturizes your scalp and help fight dandruff.
  2. Natural Hair conditioner: Fatty acid found in Olive oil coats the hair shaft and makes your hair shiny and soft. It has been used for centuries to condition hairs.
  3. Promote Scalp Health:  Olive oil antioxidant properties, which keeps the scalp in better shape. It reduces the damage caused due to unhealthy hair styling practices and chemically loaded  hair care products.
  4. Improve Blood Circulation. Massages with Olive oil  improves the blood circulation in your scalp. Resulting in an  increase in  blood flow.  It stimulates the follicles to produce thicker strands.
  5. Reduces DTH hormone production: The major reason behind hair loss is DTH hormones. This hormone narrows the hair shaft resulting in hair loss. Olive oil helps to reduce this hormone and help stop the hair loss.

This magic hair oil is alone enough to fight dry hair problems, but if few ingredients are added to it you can get even better results. Here are a few tips for you to add more to your hair health.

  1. Just a drop of olive oil when applied to wet or dry hair can control frizz and provides a shiny protective layer to your hairs.  
  2. Try olive oil hair tonic to treat the dry, frizzy  hair, all you need is  2 teaspoonful of olive oil , 2 teaspoonful of rose water and 1 teaspoonful of Argan oil.  Mix all ingredients together and massage on the scalp and hair. Soak all your hairs from top to bottom with this  hair tonic. Wash after 2 hours.
  3. Add half TSP of olive oil and 2 tbsp water  to 1 tbsp shampoo and  wash your hair with this mix to get extra moisture and nourishment for your dry hair.
  4. Mix 1 egg into 3 teaspoonful of olive oil beat well and apply to your scalp as well as hairs and leave for 2 hours. Shampoo as usual. This hair mask will nourish your hair and leave it healthier and shiner

So, the next time if you feel your  hairs are turning dry and itchy, try these tips and get the picture perfect hairs naturally. 

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Tips to get rid from Dandruff

Dandruff can make your hair and roots weak that can be a cause of hair Loss. To prevent dandruff in winter, one can use some useful tips.

  • To avoid dandruff you can use a good anti dandruff shampoo that can help you reduce dandruff in a simple way. You can wash your hair twice with this shampoo during winters.
  • Baking soda may also help to reduce dandruff. Take some baking soda in your hair, rub it gently on your wet hair, and then rinse your hair with simple water.
  • Yoghurt also considered as anti dandruff and very useful for hair. Take yoghurt and mix oil whether mustered, coconut or olive oil in it, apply on your hairs and scalp appropriately and wash your hair after that. This blend not only reduces dandruff from the scalp, but work as a natural conditioner also for your hairs.
  • Lemon also can be applied to reduce dandruff. Using a lemon over hair is very easy. Take a lemon and cut it into two, massage it on hair and scalp affected from dandruff and rinse your hair.
  • Dry hair causes dandruff and for that it is inevitable to provide regular oiling to your hair.
  • Along with the external tries, internal repair is as well required. To repair hair problems internally, it is required to take proper diet.
  • Just as any other tip, it’s also recommended to take less stress. Stress also can be a main cause of hair fall.

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Hair care tips


  1. Don't Wash Hair In Hot Water :
    Avoid scrubbing down or washing your hair in high temp water rather utilize a little warm or cool water, on the grounds that the warmth can dry out and harm your hair and skin.
  2. Never brush wet hair :
    Never brush wet hair as it could bring about harm, on the grounds that wet hair is gentler and just breaks when brushed that is hard to repair. Subsequently, hold brushing your hair until hairs don’t get dry.
  3. Use some home products :
    An elucidating cleanser and a decent conditioner may restore brilliance to your hair which incorporates gone dull. You can as well use some home products such as curd, Aloe Vera or onion juice on the lieu of market products.
  4. Blow dryer and twisting irons- Use in Limit :
    Limit the utilization of hot electrical things on your hair, for example, a blow dryer and twisting irons. If, despite everything you need to utilize then make a point to not make it about the same spot for a really long time.
  5. Change your Diet Plan :
    Make some changes in your diet plan. Add some items in your diet include proper nutrients that aim to protect your hair from any internal harm and help to grow more hairs.
  6. Devour more Water :
    Try to devour as much water as you can in a day as hairs oblige water to grow especially amid the winter.
  7. Take care from Pullution :
    Protect your hair from the pollution or dust when somewhere out.

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hair growth

1.   Cleanliness is the answer to keeping your hair healthy.

Make sure that you wash your hair at least twice a week so that you remove the dirt and excess oil.


2.   Never wash your hair with very hot or very cold water. Instead use warm water.

3.   Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair. Using of conditioner after a shampoo helps to keep your hair soft and manageable.

4.   Brushing of wet hair is to be avoided.  It could cause the hair to stretch and break.

5.   If you are in the habit of using hair dryer, be rest assured that you always hold in away from your hair. The hot air needs to be directed to the hair shaft and NOT on to the roots of hair as it might prove harmful. Also remember to keep the dryer moving.


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It’s not important that you can keep your hairs health just with costly market products. You can use home remedies as well for your hair’s health and home remedies are far better then any other market product because, home remedies are natural and pure not added chemicals. So they don’t have any side effects like chemical products. You can include many natural things in your home remedies like lemon, cult, coconut oil, coriander leaves and gram flour etc even sometimes those things which you can find easily in your home can be very beneficial in the making of these remedies at home.

Home Remedies For Hair Or Hair Treatments At Home:

You can use typical common use things which are easily available in your home for these remedies.


You can take daily massage with basic oil like coconut, almond and mustard oil etc. daily massaging help to reduce hair fall and dandruff and also increase blood circulation in head.

Natural Therapy:

You can use fenugreek seed by frying them in coconut oil. Apply this mixture on scalp and hair for getting soft and smooth hairs.

Homemade Paste:

you can make paste for wash your hair and you can include oils and Neem leaves for that.

Home Remedies For Dandruff:

Dandruff most common problem of hairs but difficult to face and get rid. Many products are available in market today for this problem but they have less benefit and more side effects. So in this case need to go for home remedies. You can use common use things at home for your dandruff problem.

Home Remedies For Dry Hair And Dry Scalp:

Dry hairs are because of week hair and this is because of pollution. But you can remove dryness from your hair by using home remedies at home. Follow some simple rules for your hairs:

  • Take massage with basic oil before wash and you can also use paste by using some things mentioned above for head bath.
  • Don’t keep your hair without oils because dry hair damaged more.

Some Home Remedies And Their Benefits: You can use many things for your remedies at home.


You can use lemon for your dandruff problem as you can add this in your pastes and mixtures.

Neem Leaves:

You can make a paste by using neem leaves. We don’t need to know more about neem’s benefits as we all know its benefits from the beginning.


You can apply cult and add oil in it. Apply this mixture on your hair before wash. You can get shining hairs.


Massaging with basic oil helps you to remove dandruff and make your hair strong forever and save your hair from loss. You can use coconut oil, almond oil or Gooseberry oil for your hair. You can take your elders help like your mother or grand mother. They can guide you better and can make these remedies at home for your hairs. These products are natural and their regular use keep your hair always healthy and safe from all hair problem like, dry hair, dandruff or dry scalp etc.

You can use common use things at home for your dandruff problem.

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