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FUE Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplant is also known as stitch less and scar less technqiue. In FUE doctors pick healthy hair follicles from donor area (back of the head) and insert them one by one into the bald area of head of patient.


BIO FUE Hair Transplant

BIO-FUE is very much similar to the FUE. In BIO FUE. In BIO FUE the doctor take blood from hair prone area and re-inject into the area where grafts are transplanted. This give extremely great results for hair growth.


Direct Hair Transplant

Direct Hair Transplant treatment is the latest technique in the hair transplant field. Hair Transplant done through DHT is comparatively fast and completely painless. DHT requires no incisions, no surgery and no donor area as well.


Body Hair Transplant

In some where donor area are poor, then doctors pick graft from different part of bodie like chest, beard, feet, pubis, underarms, forearms, thighs, abdomen etc. and rest procedure will be same like FUE/FUT.


FUT Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is a process where hairs are transplanted from the permanent donor area (back and sides of the scalp) to the bald or balding areas of the...


Beard Hair Transplant

Beard hair transplant are typically performed on men who have patchy/spotty areas in their beard. Men who consider beard as a fashion statement are very over-protective about their beard...


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Why Choose Natural Hair Transplant

Best Quality Results

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Hair Transplaznt Doctors implant graft to patient with less wastage.

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In natural hair transplant doctors panel all doctors have great amount of experience.

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Doctors treat their patient in his Operation Theatre, which have all the latest machinery.

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You can get treatment at best price. Doctor give you the best value for money.


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